Pertandingan buat rumah PPRT paling murah.

Orang luar negara dah buat pertandingan buat rumah untuk golongan fakir miskin pada kos kurang dari RM1,200 sebuah rumah. Malaysia bila lagi nak buat pertandingan macam ni agar lebih ramai golongan fakir miskin ada rumah yang paling asas? Katakan dengan kos RM30,000 sekarang hanya dapat buat 1 rumah PPRT, mungkin lepas ni dengan kos RM30,000 boleh buat 10 rumah PPRT. Dengan ini pemohon rumah PPRT tak perlu menunggu masa yang lama.

Contest seeks ideas for $300 houses to shelter world's poor

What started as a theoretical question posed on the obstacles to global housing-for-the-poor has reached fruition as voting closed June 15th on the 300House project. Contestants around the world were challenged to design a house that could be constructed for less than US$300.

The detailed briefing was to provide a dwelling that was weather-proof & fire-proof, sustainable, secure, durable (up to fifty years) replicable and dignified, with a guideline cost of $300.

The highest community-ranked project awarded a monetary prize is "300 Possibilities" - a basic modular housing design that allows for adaptation based on the available materials and climate. A basic block house with sloping roof and modular wood formation was proposed with different features, in different street layouts, with ventilation via courtyards, windows or raised stilts to take advantage of different airflow.

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