Paras air di empangan Gemencheh pada tahap yang amat kritikal

Paras air di empangan Gemencheh pada tahap yang amat kritikal. Penduduk di Tampin dan Rembau berdepan catuan air.

Folks in Tampin and Rembau face water cuts
10 September 2015

SEREMBAN: Residents in Tampin and Rembau districts will likely have to endure water rationing as the level at the Gemencheh dam has fallen to a very critical stage.

The level at the dam had continued to dip, and there was only a month’s supply of raw water left, said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.

Due to the prolonged dry spell in the area, 15,000 households in the two districts had to face water cuts for four months earlier this year when they received supply only on alternate days.

Then, the state government got contractors to lay pipes from the Sawah Raja treatment plant in Rembau to supply 20.5 million litres of water to the Bukit Tampin retention tank and then to the affected residents.

“The daily consumption in both the districts amounts to 29.6 million litres daily. We managed to get 20.5 million litres from the Sawah Raja plant after the pipes were laid and another 2.3 million litres from the Sg Jelai plant.

“Despite cutting down raw water taken from the Gemencheh dam by more than half, we are again faced with the problem,” he said, adding that the Gemencheh dam’s daily capacity was reduced to only nine million litres per day.

At present, it only provides some 6.8 million litres of water per day.

Mohamad said they would consider running the Sawah Raja treatment plant to its maximum capacity to see if the shortfall could be addressed.

“We will need to let the experts look at this as it is already running at almost maximum capacity.”

“We don’t want to overwork the Sawah Raja plant because if there are problems later, supply to Port Dickson will be affected.”

Mohamad said the state government had set aside RM35mil to build a second treatment plant in Sawah Raja.

The plant will have a capacity to treat 55 million litres of water a day, and once completed it will supply water to residents in Rembau. The facility is expected to be ready only in three years’ time.

Mohamad said the state government would also lay pipes to transfer raw water from Sg Jelai in Jempol to the Gemencheh dam.

“We will have four pumps installed which would be able to transfer some 50 million litres of raw water to the dam,” he said, adding that work should be completed by early next year.

He said demand for treated water in Tampin and Gemas was also expected to rise in view of new residential and commercial areas and the expansion of army camps there.

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